Sylvie Jordan

do you believe in the power of words and their magic to empower, enlighten, and enrich the human spirit?

Immersed in Poetry

Poetry, when written from truth, can move mountains, stir souls, and open hearts.  It can heal and restore us to a place of love.

On rare occasions the stars align, and a project, a mission, a dream takes flight. This interesting and powerful artist, Sylvie Jordan, will take you on a journey of self-discovery and healing through her poetry and beautiful underwater photography illustrations.

Living in Exile, gives us insight into loss beyond our control and the feelings of despair one feels when parted from a loved one.  Forgiveness, teaches us that we are solely responsible for everything we experience.  And, in Thirty-Third Year, we celebrate love while "in his eyes, she sees her soul."

These poems will be unique to each of you.  They will touch your inner longings, forgotten hopes, wishes and dreams.  Immerse  yourself in The Year That Was and experience the power of words.